How to make the butt look bigger

How to make the butt look bigger

We have all seen the dancing booties of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles and we can help but be amazed by how perfectly shaped their butts look.  With so much attention from the cameras women would wonder how to make the butt look bigger?  Having a nicely shaped butt may be for the sake of attention for some women but for some, it’s just a way of feeling a little bit better about themselves.

Steps You Need To Take

First step on how to make the butt look bigger is being aware of what you are wearing.  Jeans with spandex waistline is very useful since it tightly follows the curves of your body making the butt look bigger.  Go for jeans that have big back pockets or have sequins or other large design at the back.  These can make your butt look bigger too.

When it comes to skirts, wear pencil skirts that can showcase the shape and emphasize on your butt.  It hugs the curves of your lower half making a good outline at the back.  If you have big thighs though, better stay away from pencil skirts since it will high light your thighs.

The high heels that you wear have an effect to the way your butt looks.  Your feet, being in a tip toe position pushes your butt out and makes it look more prominent and the bonus; it helps you shape your legs thereby adding a better effect to your butt.

Next is your posture.  The way you stand and the way you walk can affect the way your butt looks from behind.  Avoid slouching and stand up straight.  Arch your body by throwing your shoulders back and down then stick your butt out.  Just be sure that you don’t overdo this step or you’ll end up with serious back problems.

For a little trick, purchase panties that have padding in them.  This way, you can easily cheat people into thinking that you have a nicely curved behind.  Not only that, these types of undergarments provide lift to your butt making it appear bigger and giving it more shape.


To build muscle in your butt area, the perfect exercise to give you that fuller shape is the full squat.  This exercise not only helps you shape up your back asset, it also improves the shape of your legs.  Just bear in mind that you need to do the exercise the right way with the right positions and steps for you to avoid injuring your back.  You can also do kick backs.  This exercise is done by standing up on one leg and kicking back the other leg.  This exercise squeezes your butt making the muscles work and gain shape.

Indeed there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can work with to have that perfectly shaped and sized butt.  Linger on how to make the butt look bigger and discover what else you can do about it.

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    Hey, I live in Finland and i’m very sure you can’t buy padded undergarments… Is there a possible way to make your own? If so please make an article! Thank you


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